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BUSINESS PLAN 'Private Nursing Home' (including financial model)

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  • 15.06.2014
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What can be a guarantee of the success and positive decision of the investors considering your project? First of all, it's no-ordinary idea and carefully thought out and reasonable investment offer.


«VTSConsulting» company offers not only a prepared business plan: we sell the effective and practicable ideas for your business, starting from the ideas for Internet business to the different spheres of economics. Your clients get a ready, living idea and step-by-step instruction on its realization (business plan document itself).


Prospective business idea is given to your attention – the opening of private nursing home. The amount of investment required for the implementation of project ranges from 2 to 5 mln. RUB. The start of the project takes 4-6 weeks. The enterprise riches the profit 300-700 thsd. RUB in the third month of implementation. According to the calculations of analytics of the «VTSConsulting» company, pension payback occurs after 12-15 months.

The Business Plan is supplemented by:

  • methodological recommendations about organization of nutrition of elderly and senile people and norms of daily consumption products for 1 person;
  • sanitary and hygiene requirements;
  • geography of distribution of establishments for the elderly persons;
  • key words for search engine optimization (SEO) on the project topic in the Internet.

Adaptation of this business plan is possible for similar project around the world.

The financial model in separate file is attached to this business plan, which makes it easy to build a new financial plan by entering the appropriate data.

Business Plan Description

Project idea

Creation of private pension for rest and residing of people of «third age» (men/women over 55 years).

Model of business development

The cottage is rented (for a period of not less than 5 years) for project implementation, the redecoration of it carried out, the yard is equipped by walkways, gazebos and swings. The necessary furniture: chairs, tables, arm-chairs, sofas, usual beds and special beds for bedridden, kitchen furniture, TV, computers, textiles (blankets, pillows, etc.), household chemicals.  The qualified personnel is recruited and marketing campaign is carried out in the stage of the cottage preparation.

Market of Russia

About *** nursing homes are registered in Russia in total, among them about ***% are private nursing homes. Over *** mln. people older than 65 years are living in Russia today, among them the share of older than 85 years is about ***%. The last category amounts approximately *** mln. people. Due to the statistics, about a quarter of these 10 mln. people (that is *** mln.) is in dementia and requires the constant nursing care. Among *** mln. the share of older people, families of which could afford the maintenance of them with nurses, is about 30%.

Competitive Environmental

Pension for elderly people «Zabota», Social Geriatric Center (SGC) «Opeka», pensions of the company «Senior Group», the network of private pensions for elderly people «Derevo Zhizni», the network of private nursing homes «Dobrota», the network of private nursing homes «Dostoynaya Starost», the nursing home «Zheltyi Krest», the network of private nursing homes «Zhizn v udovolstvie».

Marketing Plan

  • Creation of web-site of pension. Budget for creation of web-site: *** RUB.
  • Search Engine Optimization. Budget: *** RUB/month.
  • Contextual advertising. Budget: *** RUB/month.
  • Off-line promotion.

Financial Indicators:

Financial Indicators



Revenue for 2 years of work



Gross profit for 2 years of work



Necessary Investments



Net profit for 2 years of work






IRR monthly



IRR annual



Payback period



Discounted payback period



Excerpts from research

Prospects of nursing homes constructions in Russia

An important moment in the economy of Russia and mass construction is the investment in nursing homes and objects for youth.

There is a number of people in Russia, the maintenance of which the state is ready to pay. Their amount is about *** thsd. people, and today the number of beds of all nursing homes in Russia amounts *** thsd. Moreover the state nursing homes are outdated morally and physically.  Mainly they are designed for *** seats, and in this connection it is difficult to provide decent care.

The planned cost of living of 1 person in the pension under construction will amount *** RUB a day. The average check will be formed at the level of *** RUB a day. As a rule, the occupancy rate of this kind of projects is not lower than ***%.

List of Tables, Diagrams and Figures


Executive Summary


1.0.Project Description


2.0. Market Analysis


2.1. Number of Population of Target Group


2.2. Portrait of Project Target Audience


3.0. Model of Business Development


4.0. Competitive Environment


4.1. Geography of Project Development


4.2. Private Pensions in Moscow and Moscow region


5.0. Marketing Plan


5.1. On-Line Promotion


5.2. Off-Line Promotion


6.0. Financial Plan


6.1. Assumptions in Financial Model


6.2. Financial Plan


6.3. Analysis of Project Economic Efficiency


6.4. Project Sensibility Analysis


6.5. General Conclusions


APPENDIX 1. Methodical Recommendations for Organization of Nutrition of Elderly and Senile People and Norms of Daily Consumption Products for 1 Person


APPENDIX 2. List of Search Queries for SEO-Promotion


APPENDIX 3. Geography of Distribution of Establishments for Elderly Persons on Territory of the Russian Federation


Table 1. Basic and Additional Services of Pension


Table 2. Dynamics of Changing of Project Target Group (Men/Women, Age 55+) 


Table 3. Project Personnel     




Diagram 1. Amount of Russian Population of Project Target Group


Diagram 2. Structure of Distribution of Received Funds by Project


Diagram 3. Dynamic of Project Basic Financial Indicators


Diagram 4. Dynamic of Project Net Profit




Figure 1. Example of Pension Residential Building